Monday, 23 December 2013

My holidays # story 3

Sun 22nd Dec

Today was Sunday the 22nd of December which was a special day for me, because it was the last day of activities and sport. This afternoon we had to attend Touch finals which was held in Lloyd Ells more Pakuranga.

It was a tough game especially for me because in touch their is a lot of passing the ball, but since the tough wind was blowing I could not pass as good or as far as I would be able to in a usual game. Yes we had won the game but it was a close score, The score was 4 to us and 2 to the opponents. It was a close game.

After touch we had prize giving which was where every team would get a prize for there effort and sportsmanship. Our teams name was Stone cold and we came first in our division we had been awarded with a trophy each. 

After touch we a massive lunch to celebrate our great victory. We had a BBQ chips and home made cookies.

My holidays # story 2

Sat 21st of Dec

Over the holidays I have many fun adventures but one of the best places to go during the holidays  is to my uncles and aunts wonderful home. If you ask why I like going there it is because they are loving, and they invite us into their wonderful house , and because my cousin Paris. The reason we went to my uncles is because It was my cousin 10th birthday.

As we celebrated my cousins 10th birthday my uncle insisted that we go to the beach because of the hot weather. The beaches name that we swam at was called the Big manly beach in whangaparaoa Auckland. We also had my niece Bailey come over and celebrate with us.

After having a great time at the beach we then arrived at my uncles place once again where we had a delicious feast.


Saturday, 21 December 2013

My holidays


Shopping for my stunning mum was the most difficult thing I had to do I mean what will I get for are forty five  year old but luckily I had my Dad which helped me through picking for my Mum.
Sorry I can’t tell you what I got her.

After shopping for my mother we had to shop for my wonderful niece which is only five years old its all so sad I can't tell you what it is.

exhausted after shopping I collapse on to the soft fabric of the comfortable couch. Approximately 3 or 4 hours later my best friend Stevenson travelled to my house to take me to the wonderful cold pools.

Finally cooling down at the from weather we had I had been dropped off to my home around 10.30 at night. I was tired once I was home so I sprang on my bed and fell slowly into a deep sleep.


Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The last days of school......

People moving heavy objects like tables, chairs, and more learning objects that have been in the class. People running back and forth for more things to carry this is the last days of school. Some people like to spend there last days playing games that many people like. For some of the little kids this will be there first moving experience.

Next year I cannot wait to become a year 6 to experience being an ambassador.and much much more. I cannot wait to start packing up our class. And also were moving classes. And this original class is getting crushed I cannot wait to see that happen.

My rap

When you use fertilizer make sure after you use your hand sanitizer. Cutting down trees for a view may be nice but then you will find the consequences of life.

Farmers destroy habitats for eels and whitebait that make topographers faint.
farmers get rid of trees for paddocks to be clear but with flair.
farmers grow food pork and meat but if they get hungry hopefully they don't eat my feet.



My 2013 net book reflection

a How has having a netbook connected to the internet helped my learning this year?
  • What special thing have you learnt from your teacher this year?
  • What significant thing have you learnt all by yourself - maybe online
  • What have you learnt from your friend this year
  • What have you learnt from someone outside of your classroom this year (ie not teacher or classmate)
  • How have you helped other kids learn this year
  • How have you grown your key competencies through using digital tools this year.

I have learnt from  having a netbook connected to the internet helped me research  things I need help on . And also how to get something done instead figuring it out on paper. What also helped is the folders in our google drive to keep things safe but if you didn’t have folders you would lose some of the thing that you needed.

Paragraph 2
My teacher has also helped in to improve in maths by using different strategies of working out addition,multiplication, and division. Writing was also a problem for me to, but Mr. Marks helped me to focus and fix up my writing. And Mr. Marks would also help us in reading well all the teachers really. Because they would make us read for 15 minutes every day.

Paragraph 3
I’ve learnt from many people but my dad has helped me alot.Because every night he would make me improve in my reading and also my writing because when I read a book  every night I would lock clever vocabulary in my head to use in my writing. And also to help spell. And I've always had a fear of talking to large crowds but something helped me which was talking to my Whanau, when I get up and do my mihi I’m not afraid.

Paragraph 4
Well haven’t always helped but if I was asked I would usually help by finding things on the internet or by help to use the new developed tools that have been put on our google drive.

Paragraph 5   

The key  competencies of the internet are, now I can speak clearly from blogger because every new post I make it talks about our subject that we work on,and to me that is like talking to the people that view my blog.  

Thursday, 5 December 2013

cause and effect

Cause and Effect Chart
Instructions: As you read, list causes (the things being done) in the left column and their effects (what happens as a result of what is being done) in the right column.
Topic:  Farming and its effect on the environment.


Draining the water from underneath the ground to spray on their farm to cause erosion.
We get more cows and therefore we get more products.  

Organic fertilizers and synthetic fertilizers.  
organic fertilizers is a fertilizer that aren't man made chemicals  but synthetic are man made chemicals.  

Farmers drain the water for more stock.
they kill eels and white bait.

Farmers can wash off the nutrients of the plant.
and it goes into rivers to become polluted.

Farmers cut down all the trees to make more area for the farm.
it will cause erosion.

do not use sea water on your crops.
because the salt will suck the moisture

farmers cut down the trees.
it could also cause erosion.
if the dirt falls apart.

the plants can’t grow.

Monday, 2 December 2013

A very awkward Monkey

Title: A very awkward monkey

Topic: A Very awkward monkey who collects stamps.
Purpose: To report and inform on a topic.
Audience: Readers of my blog, students and teachers at PES.
Text Parts/Planning: Do your planning here.

Start your writing below the line. When you have finished fill out the effective writing checklist and get your buddy to check as well. (Copy and paste the √)

A very awkward monkey named Chester  obsessed with stamps but there was always a stamp that was on his mind a rear stamp called a Abraham lincoln golden award stamp that could only be found in Paris or England. But he decided to go to the most riskiest place ever because Chester always loved adventures. This place was horrible it was called GOLD COAST AUSTRALIA.  

People never liked this place because. the australians are rude, ruthless, and EVIL LLLLLLLLLLL some people may think they're nice but once they even had a war over the cutest Koala, “ really they had a war over a silly Koala if I had a war it would be over Roger Tuivasa Sheck biggest fan ugh ugh sorry back to the story Chester could not wait to get going.

Once arriving to Brisbane he then travelled to the Gold coast where he started his adventure.  searching day and night but had no luck.

On the last day he saw a old man with the most glorious stamp shop but sadly was about to close  so he sprinted as fast as he could but did not have the speed to get there in time. With hope loss the sad monkey walked. But wait Chester found something shiny and gold on the ground “OMG I’ve found it WOOO HOOO” finding the stamp took it to auction and got 2oo,ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo dollars.     

Is  My Writing Effective?
Are my paragraph/s about one MAIN idea?

Do my paragraph/s have more than one sentence?  (usually 2-4)

Are the sentences connected and build up the MAIN idea?

Do my sentences in my paragraphs begin in different ways?

Are the sentences varied?  e.g. in length, in complexity

Have I used different types of sentences?   e.g Statements(.) Questions(?) Exclamations(!) OR Speech (“ “)

Have I carefully chosen words/vocabulary in my sentences?

Do my sentences and paragraphs meet the purpose?

Do my sentences/paragraphs appeal to the reader/audience?

Tuesday, 19 November 2013



scary figures.
ugly masks.
different species\ witches,zombies,vampires,and ghosts.

I’ve always thought that why would people add lollies to Halloween and this my answer people added lollies to give it a kids element, from being ugly\ weird faces to funny costumes and weird monsters and just having fun. I also think Halloween is about people trickle treating and having a away from parents and just having fun and get to run around.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Kawau island

I cannot wait  to explore Kawau island  next year it will be so much fun like the landscape. this week the year 6 kids are going to Kawau island and they get to do fun activities like kayaking, abseiling and much much more.  

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Slowly creeping through the woods a young girl and her brother searched for a place to spend the night.There names were Sophie and Graham they were only 10 years old and they did not know what they're getting themselves  into.

Lurking through the woods Sophie hear something in the background “Graham did you hear that” “no replied Graham” “Hmmm” they continued on their journey suddenly Graham could hear the swift noise that his sister could hear. The neck hairs on Grahams neck arose. “Swish” in the corner of Sophies eye she saw a safe house “Graham  I see a safe house” they quickly sprinted to the house. The unknown whisper continued to call but once Sophie attended the door the whisper appeared right in front of them was a witch.
“ Well little children what are you doing in forest alone hmmmm” Graham did not trust the witch and said to his sister “ distract her and go for the door” “ok replied his sister.

Distracting the witch Graham had reached for door but it was locked so he found a piece of metal and shaped into a key “ hopefully this works” inserting the key onto the hole his sister fought as hard as she could Graham on the hand had trouble with the key “come on” Graham reached for the door knob and twisted it “I got it Sophie rushed to the door and quickly shut it “ well you thought you could lock me out ay but know one can contain a witch.”  Sadly the children had been  contained in a cage. “  I’m hungry I feel like eating some human flesh. Turning on the oven Sophie planned a idea to bring the evil witch to the oven and chuck her in.  Everything went to plan and from that day on the Mighty Graham and Marvelous Sophie became witch hunters.

Defeating all of the possible witches of the entire galaxy.But there was one more witch whose head was worth more than one thousand tokens. Graham had heard about this and decided to set sail to the place they called the forest of doom.  to be continued.....