Monday, 2 December 2013

A very awkward Monkey

Title: A very awkward monkey

Topic: A Very awkward monkey who collects stamps.
Purpose: To report and inform on a topic.
Audience: Readers of my blog, students and teachers at PES.
Text Parts/Planning: Do your planning here.

Start your writing below the line. When you have finished fill out the effective writing checklist and get your buddy to check as well. (Copy and paste the √)

A very awkward monkey named Chester  obsessed with stamps but there was always a stamp that was on his mind a rear stamp called a Abraham lincoln golden award stamp that could only be found in Paris or England. But he decided to go to the most riskiest place ever because Chester always loved adventures. This place was horrible it was called GOLD COAST AUSTRALIA.  

People never liked this place because. the australians are rude, ruthless, and EVIL LLLLLLLLLLL some people may think they're nice but once they even had a war over the cutest Koala, “ really they had a war over a silly Koala if I had a war it would be over Roger Tuivasa Sheck biggest fan ugh ugh sorry back to the story Chester could not wait to get going.

Once arriving to Brisbane he then travelled to the Gold coast where he started his adventure.  searching day and night but had no luck.

On the last day he saw a old man with the most glorious stamp shop but sadly was about to close  so he sprinted as fast as he could but did not have the speed to get there in time. With hope loss the sad monkey walked. But wait Chester found something shiny and gold on the ground “OMG I’ve found it WOOO HOOO” finding the stamp took it to auction and got 2oo,ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo dollars.     

Is  My Writing Effective?
Are my paragraph/s about one MAIN idea?

Do my paragraph/s have more than one sentence?  (usually 2-4)

Are the sentences connected and build up the MAIN idea?

Do my sentences in my paragraphs begin in different ways?

Are the sentences varied?  e.g. in length, in complexity

Have I used different types of sentences?   e.g Statements(.) Questions(?) Exclamations(!) OR Speech (“ “)

Have I carefully chosen words/vocabulary in my sentences?

Do my sentences and paragraphs meet the purpose?

Do my sentences/paragraphs appeal to the reader/audience?

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