Thursday, 25 September 2014

My Part vote for parliament.

This a task that we have done in extension. It is about the party's in the government. This is my party and it is called Aotearoa  Love. And my motto is Fight for Tamaki Kakaurau. If I ever get into parliment hopefully you will be able to vote for me.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Breadfruit chips explain everything Louis & Zane

Breadfruit chips Explain everything Louis & Zane from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

This is my movie about Breadfruit chips. I have accomplished this video with a partner. My partners name is Zane this link is to his blog. This movie is to explain how to make Breadfruit chips. Hope you enjoy!!

Friday, 19 September 2014

Vocabulary task

This is a vocabulary task. It has some words in it that are from a story called Breadfruit chips.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Can You be a Future focused learner Newspaper article.

 W.A.L.T: Use the structure of newspaper articles to write news reports

Can you Be  Future focused learner?
Point England

Last Friday Mr.Burt the Point England principal asked if his students could be future focused learners, and the response was, “Yes.”

Para:1      What a Future focused learner is

Some people may be asking what is a future focused learner well some things that  Mr. Burt thinks, that a future focused learner is  that you are able to be  a person who is preparing themselves for an exciting world,and that you are a person who takes the opportunities given to them.

Para 2:     How you can become a future focused learner

If you become a future focused learner it could impact your future that is why I am asking a teacher Mrs.Nua, the head of the senior school thinks,“ You can become a future focussed learner by managing yourself well in the class and completing tasks to the highest standard that you are capable of.” For kids this mean’s if you do not manage yourself properly and spent your time looking after someone else your not going to go anywhere.

Para 3:  What they can accomplish

A future focused learner can accomplish many things. But one of the key focuses are to concentrate,and be determined. Mrs. Nua also said “ I think a future focussed learner can accomplish anything that they put their mind to, this may mean that they need to communicate with the right people to help them to make things happen.”

Para 4: The next Korero

The next step is that Mr.Burt has to come up with a new korero. This leaves the Point England children wandering what the next one will be.


Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Storyline Festival

Some people may different opinions of who their favourite authors are. Well the reason I am saying this is because the Extension group had the opportunity to visit the Vodafone event centre, and were able meet some authors such as Catherine Mayo, Jill Macgregor, Paula Green, and Juliette Mclver. We got to meet them at the Storyline's festival.

My favourite author had to be Catherine Mayo. Because she clearly explained what her books were about, she also used the projector which was a relief, and that her book interested me, especially the book that she wrote the Bow. This book was based on ancient Greece.

If were to present one of my Book's the resource that could help understand the book would the Projector because it would make your message clear and also would pass on the experience that you had.

One other author that I would have preferred to listen to was..... Paula Green. I think this because she was enthusiastic when she presented. One other reason that I liked Paula Green was because she asked the crowd to join in with the experience.