Thursday, 27 March 2014

My map

Directions to the barbers:

1. So start of from the entrance of Point England school and head north west and their should be a street named Elstree ave.

2. go around the roundabout and head down the road on the right(Elstree ave) go north. Once at the end of the road go left(west).

3. Once heading down that road (north) their should be a block of shops and the at the end of it is a place called Men@work.

Directions to Tamaki college:

1. Start for the entrance of Point England school and head (north).

2. Go around the roundabout and turn right (north east).

3. Go straight down the road (north) that is called Elstree ave.

4. Then there should be a roundabout go left (east) 

5. Then the last step is there should be a big building. And thats where Tamaki college is.

Learning speech marks.

 This is my movie about speech marks. My group and I have recorded it on a Ipad. This movie may teach you some new things or it may remind you about speech marks hope you enjoy.

Monday, 24 March 2014

My friends.

Friends what are they for? what do they do? how does friendship work? Well know need to worry I am going to explain to you what friendship is, and about and what friends do.

The first step to being a great friend should be when you are at need they could always help. And they should always be able to count on you when they are in need to. I would predict if people (adults or kids) were being rude would you go over there and help them or would you follow in the footsteps of a bully? If I had a  list in my mind for every friend I meet I would have to check are they trustworthy, kind, respectful, charismatic, helpful, and last but not least a great sense of humor.

My next step about friendship is  being helpful and kind, helpfulness could always improve your life and friendship it sort of like the rules of Waitangi like the three Ps partnership, protection, and participation. Friendship is like rules you need to be a great friend to one another.

My final step to being a great friend is always belive in your friend and encourage them when they're playing sport, and you must always have hope because what if a person was struggling would you have hope and faith in them ? Your friends should be able to rely on you no matter what when they're struggling, maybe they need encouragement anything they should be able rely on you no matter what. It is like Tiaki taonga which is also caring. So remember believe in you friends, be kind, and last but not least be trustworthy.


Monday, 10 March 2014

My butterfly life cycle

slowly and softly the butterfly laid its eggs on the downside of the leaf and gracefully flew away. as the egg started to wobble a  tiny caterpillar appeared and started to munch away at its nutritious shell.  Did you know that when a caterpillar is first born it would be only 2 millimeters long, and also that there egg is a size of a sesame seed?

the next step is when the little caterpillar slowly starts to devour a leaf of the swan plant, the caterpillar may be small but man can it eat. After eating all that food the caterpillar starts to shed to get a better sized coat.

after a couple of weeks or even days the caterpillar will form into a chrysalis and starts to metamorphosis into a butterfly.

After about 2 weeks the form should be fully complete and you should c the chrysalis start to crack. And as the butterfly slowly  busts out of the shell it ` patiently waits under the leaf. The butterfly does this to get blood pumping through the wings to start it new life flying.   

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Explanation Writing: USE YOUR WITS!

Have you ever been bullied in your life, well here is a new solution and it is called WITS. WITS stands for walking away, ignoring it, talk about it, and last but not least seek help.

This is the first step to using your WITS which is walking away. Walking away is to be used in a situation when people are making trouble. “Would you follow them or would you walk away?”

The next step is ignoring. You can use this if people seem to tease you, You could always ignore them instead of causing a fight. If I was in this situation I would have to walk away and ignore it, wouldn’t you?

What comes after Ignoring is talk about it. It is when discussing things with your friends. It could help you with your problems. And also if you and your friend disagreed with each other this could always help.

When it gets to hard you can seek help by getting a teacher or a trusted adult. Tell them whoever has been bullying you and it could sometimes teach the person a lesson and it will make you have a better time.

Using your WITS helps you in your future as you won’t end up in a fight or hurt. Remember to use your WITS, and always use them in bad situation. USE YOUR WITS!


Tuesday, 4 March 2014

My version of Adventure time

Once upon a time in a placed named Uu an adventure named Finn . One day Finn went walking into a iceland where the devious and evil Ice king lived.

As the heroic Finn kept strolling forward. “Bang what'' Finn was curious where that noise had come from. Suddenly an enormous rock came tumbling down a hill and into a giant pond of ice. As Finn sprinted towards the meteor he could not see anything coming out. It was pitch black and full of coal.

An as Finn started to smash the coal full of rock. And as the coal started to chip away Finn found a unique species and Finn knew the perfect match was made and the species name was Jake.


Monday, 3 March 2014

My statistical Investigation

I wanted to do find out if the humidity
of the weather interacted with the wind.

I have found out that the Humidity was quite high so if I carried out another investigation I would found out that when the temperature dropped the humidity would rise.

I conclude that when the wind speed dies the humidity seems to rise. 

I also conclude that the hottest average humidity score was around about 78 Percent. And the highest wind speed was around 48 to 49 (km/h) 

I think the easiest graph was the one on the top because you would be able to tell the percentage