Thursday, 5 December 2013

cause and effect

Cause and Effect Chart
Instructions: As you read, list causes (the things being done) in the left column and their effects (what happens as a result of what is being done) in the right column.
Topic:  Farming and its effect on the environment.


Draining the water from underneath the ground to spray on their farm to cause erosion.
We get more cows and therefore we get more products.  

Organic fertilizers and synthetic fertilizers.  
organic fertilizers is a fertilizer that aren't man made chemicals  but synthetic are man made chemicals.  

Farmers drain the water for more stock.
they kill eels and white bait.

Farmers can wash off the nutrients of the plant.
and it goes into rivers to become polluted.

Farmers cut down all the trees to make more area for the farm.
it will cause erosion.

do not use sea water on your crops.
because the salt will suck the moisture

farmers cut down the trees.
it could also cause erosion.
if the dirt falls apart.

the plants can’t grow.

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