Thursday, 24 October 2013

Labour day pizza

                                    This week the extension group had been given an assignment about Labour day I could not wait to find out what where doing. The team and I quickly searched up our Extension site and once we found out that we were doing I could not wait to start. the assignment was make a pizza that we added thing from the site.

So as quickly as possible me and my partner Stevenson smothered tomato paste,then we added plenty of cheese to signal  plenty of people that complained about getting forced to work extra hours.

 Then we added the scrumptious and tender capsicum we had only done 10 pieces to signal when Labour day was first held in October.  Once we done our pizza we kind boys shared our pizzas with other teachers which were beautiful Mrs. Barks, our wise and handsome principal Mr. Burt, and also Miss Sorenson. Heres a video of our pizza.
Making Pizza By Stevenson And Louis from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.


  1. Cool Louis, that was heaps of fun wasn't it?! Your movie, I think topped it off. Just one thing, I could see a few mistakes in your writing that needed a bit of proof-reading but other than that, awesome work.


  2. Great job louis I loved the movie but I could see small mistakes. But I still liked it keep up the good work (-:

  3. hi there louis it is dad just learning how to use chrome books good work son keep it up

  4. Good Job Louis,
    You did well in the movie and the story. Also while you were making pizza you looked very excited! Did you really love making those pizza's for Labour Day? Well I did. I bet your pizza tasted delicious. I wish I tasted it. You did well! Keep it up!