Thursday, 31 October 2013

Zombies in Vegas

As the afternoon became night a man who just came back from Antarctica named Shaun had a wild nightmare.”AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” screaming with fear Shaun awoke from the worst nightmare ever. It was about zombies over taking the world and the destination where he was about to land in Los Vegas.

Creeping out of his comfy chair [bed] he stared at the sky and he could not wait to arrive at his destination. Slowly falling asleep he heard a large “FRUMP” “what the are we here already” “passengers  we are sorry to awake you but we finally here in Los Vegas.

“FRUMP” again what was that noise in the pitch black window a scary face echoed of the window “hey there's someone out there” a passenger said”where said Shaun. that passenger slowly creep ed out the door and silently looked around Shaun said “do you see anyone the passenger said “ no wow AHHHHHHHHHHHHH.” the passenger never returned ever again. Another child looked through window and he said “ hey guys ZOMBIES!!!!!!! everybody screamed and ran out of the plane to look for protection from those hideous beasts but once they left  everything broke silent. “I'm alone” said Shaun. he suddenly found a ruby or a diamond. “Wait this like my dream.”

Quickly rushing out of the door the zombies had made a huddle around the plane. Defeating all of the zombies Shaun quickly ran to source of where the zombies came from which was Alfred high school. Hitting and kicking all the zombies the little boy on the plane ran in with a weapon “ hey zombies feast you eyes on this” a sharp effective laser shoot through the souls and once again turning back to humans. Rushing to the source of the zombies the leader stood in front of them.”Well well if it isn't Shaun and his little sidekick.Dr Phil your the emperor of the vicious zombies well I gonna defeat you.As Shaun fought against the evil doctor Phil the little boy sprinted to the the fountain he had suddenly been stopped by a huddle of zombies "hey zombies eat some of my laser " shooting the very viral laser Shaun was trying to defeat the monstrous Dr. Phil "come on kid" "look I'm only 10 years old so take it easy." Finally the little boy had finish the evil zombies streak of terror. Inserting the precious ruby into the fountain."Nooooooooooooooooo I'm sorry doc you terror over the world is over and so are you. With all of city tidied up everybody could finally go to sleep with out even worrying about zombies ever again.


  1. Hey Louis

    My name is Claire Williams. I am a EDM310 student at the University of South Alabama. We are all each assigned a different student each week to comment to his/her blog. Then we comment to our blog what we learned about what post we read.

    I loved your story about Shaun and the zombies. It was very intense and it really caught my attention. One of my favorite shows is about zombies, and so i am glad that I can relate to this blog post.

    Keep up the good work!!

    Also I have a class blog as well as a blog of my own. You should check them both out.

    1. Thank you Claire I surely love to your class blog thanks for the comment