Monday, 17 February 2014

Tiaki Taonga/Caring


Hi this is our movie for Penn. It is about Tiaki Taonga or also known as Caring. Hope you enjoy.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Stride jumps

This is my estimation sheet  we had to predict how stride jumps many we think we could do in 15 seconds and then obverse what we actually had got when we timed ourselves. Then we would have to test how many we could do in 30 seconds and the 1 minute and then 2 minutes and then finally a hour.

Monday, 10 February 2014

My leaf and stem graph

  The most amount of crunches was 30.
the least amount of crunches was 12.
The most people that did crunches were in the 20s column


Some people have a favourite  NRL team like for instance my dads favourite team is all mighty Melbourne storm or my Mums favourite team is the fantastic New Zealand warriors but if you ask me my favourite I would tell you that my favourite team is the New Zealand warriors. I like the warriors because of their amazing ability to tackle and run in this episode of my NRL I am going to tell you what I ranked some of the  warriors players.

In this category I am going to rank some of the fastest people in the warriors team. Like Konrad hurrell I would rank him about a 6 out of ten. I would have to rank people out of 1 to 10 so if hes a one it means wow your slow but if hes scored a ten it mean WOW hes fast. I would also rank Shaun johnson a 10 out of 10 because of how quickly he could catch up to an amazing sensation Michael jennings. and what about the speedy Kevin locke I would rank him a ten out of ten because of his speed against some of the fastest players of the NRL. And last but not least Sam rapira that would be rank a 7 because of paste of running during a game.

OK maybe I will just rank one more which would have to be the number 9 Nathan friend I think he deserved to in the top list because of his quick tackling from dummy half.
so thats it for today make sure you tune in for next times My NRL episode 2.     


Friday, 7 February 2014

Class squares

 I predict that
 1. girls like yellow more than boys.
2. I predict that boys like pies.
3. I predict that the girls like macaroni more than boys.
4. I predict that the boys  like the color green more than girls. 

 My observation
 1. I was right that more girls like yellow than boys.
2.  I observed that boys do not like pies as much as I predicted.
3. I observed that girls do not like macaroni as much as boys.
4. I observed that boy like the color green more than girls.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

My Pizap

Whanau touch

Glistening over the amazing water the sun was starting to rise and I was getting ready to play a game of intense touch with my family in Orakei or Okahu bay.

You might have thought this was an this is an ordinary game of touch but beware this is no ordinary game this is a family touch tournament. Family touch is a game of touch but with different families from the same marae. People competed in this tournament to get the number 1 place in the finals.

I was jumping around with excitement for our first game. Unfortunately I couldn’t believe my eyes our first game was  against the Tumahies. We had tried our best but sadly we lost but on the bright side I did get the ball about ten times so thats a record for me.
So far we had lost three games and we have three to go so far we have a pretty okay result. In our fourth game we had to versed our cousin Moses  I knew this wasn't going to end well.

As the sun was sitting calmly on the horizon the tournament was at its last game for the year. And the for us  result was quite good especially if it was my second year playing. Overall I think we came out winners because we  had played to the best of our ability and thats all that matters. I cannot wait until the intense touch come again.