Monday, 23 June 2014

We are Hero's

Once upon a time in a far enchanted forest, that no living object or human being had ever explored, lived 12 boys that never knew what they were capable of. Sadly seven of them died but no one knew what happened that fatal night. Were they murdered? no one knows the horror that those boys had witnessed but when Collin walked past the crime scene he only saw 5 brothers no one else had seen the missing brother or did he escape.
The four brothers Stevenson, Collin, Louis and Zane were training, Stevenson caught eye of something bizarre. It was their enemy the mighty TAIDAN! “Attack,” Collin ,our warchief, demanded us. “Ohhh No!!!” Taidan’s army has arrived.  

After we had survived we saw Taidan escape into the Forest. Collin found that he saw a scar that said number 9 on it. “Could it be” exclaimed Stevenson, “but why would he kill our brothers for” sadly asked Zane “because he could not control  his powers the only reason he went evil was because he couldn’t control himself the darkside consumed him” so that only leaves one thing he was the person that killed the five boys.
Walking through the park trying to clear our heads we could see a swift movement in the trees. When we were attacked by some maniacs that looked like us and when they attack they always lose. So when we thought we could beat them we had another thing coming. This time they were stronger, bigger, and more powerful the last time we saw them they were nowhere near the size and strength they were powerful. The bad thing is that they look as powerful as us they must’ve taken number 1 one of our brothers that were in the accident. We could see that they had the same powers and they all looked like our brothers that died. And then it hit Louis it is like the same with Taiden they must be number 2379 and 10 they all looked like it. Now the choice was to either fight their brothers or run ............

My Titanic DLO

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

My horror story

Yelling & screaming rattled through my ears.The smell of burning rubber filled my nose.Destruction and terror invaded the city. People running for their lives. I was in the year of the robot invasion. They were fierce. Dont try to run they will catch you. I could not help but notice a figure running towards me. it was a robot and it was red and radiant. It captured my eye the  robot was sprinting towards me. I couldn’t move I was hypnotized by the blood lust of the giant beast. It was his eyes. His red eyes caught my attention I was paralyzed. He sprinted towards me. I had no fear I was not frightened by this humongous beast.

The robot stopped he was attacked by a unfamiliar specie. I knew this because my father was a vet well before he died. He could recognize any scar by any animal and was able to teach me.Unfortunately this was a mystery??? The robot slowly crept towards me. But then and there right at that moment a gun was fired in the distance and the fierce Titan sprinted away.

Trotting down the road I found a abandoned house “It must of been a nice house well before the invasion” ,the house had luxurious french gates that swung right open and attached to it was a doorbell.”RRRRRRRRRRR” A growl came from inside the house the only way that i was going to recognize what was in the house was to ring the bell. The bell roared like a lion through the house. Then all went quiet and then suddenly  a robot jumped through the window. The best chased me. Will I EVER ESCAPE THIS NIGHTMARE TO BE CONTINUED..........

The research of the Titanic

Researching the Titanic

List some questions that you would like answered?
1. How many kids survived
2.How many years did it take to construct the Titanic.’
3. Where was the Titanic going on its Maiden voyage
4.Why was the Titanic going so fast.
5. where was the Titanic built
6.How much did the Titanic weigh
If the hull was made out of metal would it have caused as much damage
.Find your answers from the below websites:

Insert your information notes below:

Question 1 information:
56 out of hundred.

Question 2 information:
3 years

Question 3 information:
New York

Question 4 information:
Because it wanted to make a world record.

Question 5 information:
Belfast,United Kingdom

Question 6 information:

46,000 tons