Friday, 10 January 2014

My holidays story #4 waka ama

    I cannot wait until the waka ama nationals start in the weekend in Cambridge. If you don't no what waka ama is here is a little idea. Waka ama  is where there is six people in one waka or boat that you paddle in. But there is always a tricky part you HAVE TO  stay in time with the person in front of you. But if your in the number one seat it is always different you must keep to the same rhythm so that your fellow paddlers can keep in time. 
 In our team there are six boys that have very special places like Taimana he is the person that turns us around and keeps us going straight in races, then theres Jordan and Stevenson who are the wheels, and finally there's Collin, Mateo,and I are the engines that push the waka and makes it go faster than ever. 

We are in the intermediate section which are people under the age of 13 years to 11 years old's. We would also be one of the youngest teams representing our club, because we are under the age of 10 years old. We have two teams in the intermediates that get coached by the same person. The other intermediate team is Levi, Anthony, Auri, Frankie, Uili, and Isara, and managed by Mrs.Samuels.

In nationals there are over 300 teams competing for that number one place. We are one of six teams representing Tamaki Outrigger Canoe club, 11 out of 12 people that paddle also attend Pt England school. We have been training for the last 3 months for this event which is the first time we have been in nationals. 

 We are racing for the next 2 days, the first race is on Tuesday which is 500 meters long with 6 paddlers, and then we combine with the other intermediate team which paddles 1000 meters. We hope to do the best we can and that we succeed.

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  1. Hi Louis

    I really like your waka ama story it is cool and interesting so don't stop doing your work. I look forward to some other ones bye have a good day tomorrow.