Monday, 23 December 2013

My holidays # story 3

Sun 22nd Dec

Today was Sunday the 22nd of December which was a special day for me, because it was the last day of activities and sport. This afternoon we had to attend Touch finals which was held in Lloyd Ells more Pakuranga.

It was a tough game especially for me because in touch their is a lot of passing the ball, but since the tough wind was blowing I could not pass as good or as far as I would be able to in a usual game. Yes we had won the game but it was a close score, The score was 4 to us and 2 to the opponents. It was a close game.

After touch we had prize giving which was where every team would get a prize for there effort and sportsmanship. Our teams name was Stone cold and we came first in our division we had been awarded with a trophy each. 

After touch we a massive lunch to celebrate our great victory. We had a BBQ chips and home made cookies.

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