Saturday, 4 October 2014

Bad ending

Fog covered the grass like a thick blanket. And owls hoot like an annoying alarm clock. Their it was a abandoned house, I have heard many stories about this house. People say there's still someone living in that house. But how could you the wood of this darked coloured house was part gone and this house was unstable. But there's only one way to find out which is go in.My name is Zak Hemmingwell and this is an adventure of mine.

But I wasn't going alone I had to take a right hand man and his name is Franklin wart himmer . Although his last name may sound disgusting he is good at bumping off, and when I say that I really mean it because when he runs he is like an unstoppable force. But there's a downside he does seem to weigh about 200 kgs. And no offense but he may break the house.  

But I had no other choice it was either him or Michael Harrow. And trust me when I say this he is a nightmare,because he picks his nose, he smells like feet, and he goes unconscious when he is scared. Wait that could be better than crushing the house down I guess.

Maybe you could help me pick either Michael or Franklin. Please help me decide. Maybe you could vote. If you vote Franklin comment in the comment box and comment the number 1357,or if you decide Michael vote the number 2468.

For the viewers that had red this story this is not the finished product. This is a quick story that I have whipped up. There will be a second copy which will be even better. And if you do like this story make sure to make a comment and maybe I could make a series of Zak's adventures. Thank you for reading. 

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