Friday, 30 May 2014

The narrative of the Titanic

As the dark night clouds slithered like a snake through the dark the sky.  It was the 5th night of the in the UNSINKABLE Titanic the largest vessel built by mankind and also the largest moving object that sailed the water in 1912. A man named Shaun slept through one of the nights that might be his last night alive.

Shaun’s mind had flooded with thoughts from his journey when he was apart of the army. The reason why he was on the Titanic was he had to travel from Boston to ireland because there seemed to be a war that broken out. There was half a voyage to go. But what they didn't know is that the Irish terrorists spotted the vessel and  were boarding the ship and were going to  invade it.

“What the” Shaun awoke to a strange noise like footsteps creeping through the abandoned hall. Shaun jumped out of bed and sprinted for his ak47 and slowly trotted for the door. As Shaun peaked through the door he saw a man creeping down the cordial with blue gear  approaching his door . Shaun took action and slammed the door in his face and shot him.Shaun crept to the front of the ship were all the terrorists were gathered. Will Shaun make it out or will he get caught find out in the next episode TO BE CONTINUED..................

Thursday, 29 May 2014

20 hour famine

World Vision PES 20 hour famine team from SchoolTV on Vimeo.

Have you ever wanted to be a world changer,well on Friday 23rd the extension group done the twenty hour famine. If you don't know what the 20 hour famine is it is when you are only allowed to feed on Barley sugar and just juice. Here is a sneak peek of what we got up to. HOPE YOU ENJOY  

The theory of sinking on the Titanic

On the Titanic's maiden voyage the side of the Titanic had brutally been damaged by a iceberg. One of the reasons that the Titanic sunk is because the compartments at the bottom of the ship were not sealed right to the top. So when one compartment was full of water the water would overflow and go into the other compartment. So when all the compartment's got full of water the water will flow up to the top of the Titanic. What also happened was when the Titanic struck the iceberg the water rose up and overflowed the bow which put more weight on the bow which made the stern rise. But one of reasons the Titanic snapped was because the weight of the pre pallor. Which made the bow go down first and the stern go down second.

I wish I could carry out more information about the Titanic and maybe just maybe I will be able to share it on my blog.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

My dreams

On a autumn day in the afternoon a boy named Louis sat by the window sill and imagined what he will be once he is a adult. Then the perfect idea came to mind a NRL player. Sure they get hurt but its all apart of the game at least thats what he thought. As the drew sun drew down to the horizon Louis's eyelids slowly started to close. 

"Hey kid" yelled out a strange voice "what" Louis was astounded he could hear voices but saw nothing. But in a blink of a eye he was on a league field with all time sensation "Steve price" Louis could not believe his eyes "are you are you" "yep Steve price" he replied "are you ready" surprised "ready for what" "the big game" staggered Louis was actually confident he was going to win the game. "Ummm o-o-kay lets g-g-g-g-o" Louis whispered. 

Louis couldn't believe his eyes he was watching is alltime favourite play. "WOW" Louis was staggered he is seeing hid idol getting his runaway."ohhhhhhhhh" the crowd roared as fierce as a lion Stacy jones has been injured. "Hey kid its your time to shine get out there and play to the best of your ability" said the coach "you sound like my father" said Louis. As Stacy jones limped off Louis sprinted on a could not wait to get this underway. TO BE CONTINUED......


Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Malawi menu.

                                     MALAWI MENU
Delicious maize:   A simple dish is called maize it is simple corn that sprouts during summer, maize can be eaten for dinner,lunch,and breakfast.

Mice: A thing that is not a great thing to eat is maice but I do get why they eat it. What they do with the rat is they obviously kill it boil it then dry it.The Malawi people think its not really a task to catch mice but the put it into a term of a game.

Nsima: One of the nicest dishes of Malawi is called Nsima which is made of ground corn which could also be served with other dishes like meat,and vegetables.

I have come to understand that the food that Malawian people eat less nutritious food. Like there food Nsima which is basically like a play dough. But If we compared it to the NZ menu there would be more nutrition,fibre, and protein but although it have some sugar it could still be a healthy diet.

Simon the paddle boat

Simon the boat from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
This week Jordan,Tai,and I learnt how to make a little boat and we are going to teach you how to make your own boat. First you need some card next you need a rubber band then you can draw some fancy designs on it. Thats all you really need and it should kinda work like this. If you were wondering how the boat floats here is a little tip we create a propellor to push the boat forward. then you create a bow to displace the water when it moves.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

My NZ menu

                                                        NZ menu.

A New Zealand delight:
to have for breakfast is the classic eggs scrambled or poached, french toast, and bacon $6.00 or $7.00 with a hot chocolate.

Scrumptious Pineapple:

To have for nice there is one recipe that could never be defeated and it is called the Scrumptious Pineapple. So first you get a cup and then put pineapple and the fill it with ice cream right to the top and maybe add a cherry. $10.00

Panacke galore:

First you get a pancake and then add your favourite flavours of ice cream if I had to make a choice I would go Banana,and chocolate ice cream but its your choice. Then add chocolate or maple syrup and strawberries. $15.00

 Malawi people have less food products compared to New Zealand.  They don't have food that is very nutritious like there Nsima. 

 But some food that the Malawian's eat is quite nutritious like the corn that they have which are called Maize. Also the animals they have are high in protein.

I think we donated for a good cause because we were able to donate more animals and clean water.

I conclude that the food we have here compared to Malawi is 
quite different like the food they have in Malawi like Nsima is basically play dough which has no flavour,protein,and vitamins which could leave to a unhealthy diet. I also found out that there are not as many food products in Malawi. I think people in the NZ are more fortunate then the people in Malawi.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

My holiday recount

As a grey cloud slithered like a snake through the dark sky the mighty Mount Wellington
Warriors were preparing for their match against Waitemata Seagulls . We could not believe our eyes when we saw the size of these kids they were giants. But that did not mean they weren't scared of us.

“Blow the whistle ref” I said in my head I was eager to start the game. “Are you ready Waitemata” the referee said. We received the ball first which meant we had to kick. All our team chased the ball like there was no tomorrow. I could not believe it the second they got the ball the had scored. It was tradgect.

As the game continued we had the opportunity to receive the ball as we entered the scrum I had the the opportunity to receive the ball and I did I stepped and ran I was off. Unfortunately I got caught. But we had luck on our side which gave us a chance to score.

Tired and thirsty we were in the lead in the first half we were exhausted. Luckily one of our parents had pieces of refreshing oranges that helped us gain our energy back. In the Second half it was Waitemata’s
kick. If was our turn to have the ball.

Fortunately we had the speed in our team to win the game. You might have thought this was the best day of my life but trust me it wasn't, the best day of my life was getting a award for best back for prize giving.

Term 2 Immersion assembly.

As the sunlight shone through the clouds Mr Burt and his prefects were preparing for the Immersion assembly. If you do not know what a Immersion assembly is it is when the entire school gather in the hall and each team gets to talk about the new term and what our focus is for the year.

My favourite act had to be team 5 which was discussing the effects of noise and how it works. I really enjoyed this act because it involved science. 

One of the favorite ones was the team 1 which were experimenting what keeps the animals safe at the zoo and how the equipment keep us safe. And then the kids have to compare the equipment that the zoo use to there own home.

Overall I think this years assembly was this years. And I must admit Mr Burt had the most funkiest costume ever.