Monday, 28 July 2014

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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Commonwealth games research and questions

What is Commonwealth? :

Commonwealth is when countries that were ruled by Britain came together and agreed that there will be peace, that people will treat each other fairly,and they also agreed to make the Queen a symbol of the Commonwealth. Some countries are not in the Commonwealth because they were not looked after or ruled by Britain, or one other reason is because they were suspended which also means if one country broke the agreement they would be suspended, they would call this a dissolved members.

What countries are apart of this? :
many countries are in the Commonwealth like Africa, Asia,Caribbean, Europe, and Oceania.

Where in the world are these countries? :
Well you could find the Caribbean in the region off the gulf of Mexico.
or Oceania is located in the region made up of 1000 countries including Australia.
Also Europe would be located in Northern hemisphere.
Asia could be found in and around China.


What do these countries have in Common?
I think the one thing these countries have in common is they all volunteered to be apart of the Commonwealth republic.

6 Interesting facts:
Over half of the people that live in the Commonwealth is under 25 years of age, and that is because Africa is full of people that are under 25 years of age.

Some people may refer the Commonwealth games the “friendly games” that is because the competition is about the individual men and women and not about what countries they are from.

The first games were held in 1930 in Hamilton,Canada which is 84 years ago.

Over 30% of the world’s population live in the Commonwealth thats over 2 billion adults and children.

The secretary of the Commonwealth games Kamalesh sharma, having previously served as the High commissioner for India in London.

Did you know the 1942 and the 1946 Commonwealth games had been canceled due to world war II

Information about the Commonwealth games

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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

My dreams.

 My dreams are that you get to drift through the air, levitate slowly, when you turn it gives you butterflies, and when you are inside you get to mash buttons. That's right I would like to be pilot when I am older, but if that doesn't work I might become a NRL player, and the reason I like to play that type of sport is because the atmosphere, and because I like to meet the other player's.

Without my family I would not be where I am now. I am glad I have my family, they would support me and thats all a child needs, Anyway the NRL has been a big deal in my life, my family has played league before, like my Dad he could of been in the NRL so its a big thing to be play ARL which is a mod of the real thing, but the point is that since my parents played league it has been past on so it's like I am following my parent's foot print's.

I have come to conclude that I am fortunate to have what I have, 
I hope I never grow up and never move out, but if I don't my Dad will get the big boot of his and it won't be nice.


Monday, 14 July 2014

Ice challenge #2

 I can't believe it my Mum nominated my brother Codee to do the Ice challenge, I knew this was going to be good,and plus my brother's daughter and also my niece Bailey was able to see her dad scream. Hopefully Codee would not rethink about doing this challenge after all it would give you brain freeze.

Trying not to think about this my Brother slowly crept to the chair where the fatal Ice challenge was about to take part. My Mum stood excitedly behind the camera filming every moment of this. Anxiously my brother took a breath and finally he introduced him self,and then he nominated five nominees. Then once he had finished that he slowly sat in the chair.

"Hard and fast" Codee said, obviously we weren't going to do that my Dad and I were going to do it nice and slow. 'WHAT" my brother didn't scream wow maybe he is strong.

So after all my brother is a man I can't believe it. But he done it for a good cause which is to raise money for the cancer society. And anyone who red my last post I couldn't put my Mum and my Brother's video on sorry but hopefully I could post some more stories on my blog.  

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Ice challenge

Some people might give money to charities, but you never know there's always a better way and a funnier way to fundraise money its called the Ice challenge, the Ice challenge helps fundraise money to the charity of cancer, the Ice challenge is when a person nominates a family member or a friend to do the challenge, and what they do is they put there feet in cold water filled with ice, then they introduce them self  and say who nominated them and then nominate five others2, and last but not least once you are ready you get tip over the head with cold icy water. Once you have accomplished that there is a task where you have to drink some sort of liquid like juice,fizzy,or alcohol.

"YESSS" I exclaimed with excitement my Mum and Dad had been nominated by my Aunty and Uncle. I don't mean  to be mean but my Mum's video is the worst I've actually seen if you haven't seen the video I may be able to post it on my blog in my next post. Anyway back to the story my Mum was screaming like there was no tomorrow. I am sorry to all the neighbours that had to hear my Mum scream, but my Dad made it look easy.

Overall I think this challenge was made for a good cause, And plus my Mum nominated my Brother and trust me he will scream like a little girl which way worse than my Mum's video. Sorry everyone knows my Dad and I would love to show you all his video except there is two problem's the first one is it's not funny becaus e he is not screaming and the second one is the in appropriate language.

Monday, 7 July 2014

My little adventure.

As the sun shone through the clouds rain slowly trickled down my face. And the deep blue sea rolled around like a snake slithering through the grass. I stood in front of my aunties old cottage, and by that old cottage was  a mountain that dominated (overlooked)  any other mountains in the valley. I had always wished I could climb that mountain. But my cranky aunt declares that I do not go she says there are things I cannot handle. But c'mon I am 11 so technically I am a teenager.

"HEY SOY GET INSIDE YOUR GOING TO GET A COLD" roared my cranky aunt, I don't know why but she always got my name wrong even though it's Troy she always forgets the first letter so she replace's it with different letters of the alphabet and the most common one is Soy, is it from soy milk I don't know I guess it a mystery that I will never find out. The water dropped of my head and into my shoes, I knew I was going to get in trouble. I crept inside hoping no one heard the squeaking of my shoes, but in the distance  I heard sobbing it was like the sound of a whale that had beached itself. I slowly pushed the door opened but no one was there just a fire that burnt furiously. I searched the room but the crying slowly faded until you couldn't hear it, curios I followed my instinct and went back outside. The sobbing grew louder,and louder,and louder, and louder until my ears could not take it anymore.

Could it be the sound was coming from the top of the mountain. This was my one chance to get to the mountain with an excuse if I got caught." I was thinking I should start my adventure now but it was to late and to dark. BUR BUR BUR BUR BUR BURRRRR " What I'm up" I was drowsy and dizzy, I wonder if what happened yesterday was a dream? most probably not. I had quickly got changed and began my adventure. I kept positive and repeated in my head myself that I am almost there, and actually I was almost there. A COUPLE OF HOURS LATER "I am here" "I finally did it"  I ran to the bottom of the hill and started to climb. WILL I MAKE IT TO THE TOP NO KNOWS MY FATE.....TO BE CONTINUED.....................


Thursday, 3 July 2014

My Malawi DLO

Malawi DLO Louis from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

For the past few weeks the extension crew have been learning about Malawi and how they live and what they eat. This video shows a sneak peak of what we got up to.