Thursday, 9 May 2013


The gigantic icy desert known as the Antarctic, halfway around the globe. The Antarctic is the coldest place in the WORLD.And also did you know that the icebergs that you see on the tv they were shaped and sculpt by the wind.It is Prefered as the worlds largest desert ever. As you know there is also the wildlife like the Emperor penguin, the Orca whale and the terrifying penguin eating monster the Leopard seal.And there is two other very special species to the marine food web the Phytoplankton and the Zooplankton.They are why the Penguin and the Orca whale are healthy and alive and so are the other species in the environment.


  1. Hey Louis great story and great detail to.It was like I was really in Antarctica. Keep it up can't wait for your next post.
    From Collin

  2. Hi Louis its Enyahlee here, your sentences were amazing and interesting all you needed to fix up is the Antarctica for the title. Thanks By Enyahlee