Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Slowly creeping through the woods a young girl and her brother searched for a place to spend the night.There names were Sophie and Graham they were only 10 years old and they did not know what they're getting themselves  into.

Lurking through the woods Sophie hear something in the background “Graham did you hear that” “no replied Graham” “Hmmm” they continued on their journey suddenly Graham could hear the swift noise that his sister could hear. The neck hairs on Grahams neck arose. “Swish” in the corner of Sophies eye she saw a safe house “Graham  I see a safe house” they quickly sprinted to the house. The unknown whisper continued to call but once Sophie attended the door the whisper appeared right in front of them was a witch.
“ Well little children what are you doing in forest alone hmmmm” Graham did not trust the witch and said to his sister “ distract her and go for the door” “ok replied his sister.

Distracting the witch Graham had reached for door but it was locked so he found a piece of metal and shaped into a key “ hopefully this works” inserting the key onto the hole his sister fought as hard as she could Graham on the hand had trouble with the key “come on” Graham reached for the door knob and twisted it “I got it Sophie rushed to the door and quickly shut it “ well you thought you could lock me out ay but know one can contain a witch.”  Sadly the children had been  contained in a cage. “  I’m hungry I feel like eating some human flesh. Turning on the oven Sophie planned a idea to bring the evil witch to the oven and chuck her in.  Everything went to plan and from that day on the Mighty Graham and Marvelous Sophie became witch hunters.

Defeating all of the possible witches of the entire galaxy.But there was one more witch whose head was worth more than one thousand tokens. Graham had heard about this and decided to set sail to the place they called the forest of doom.  to be continued.....    


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