Friday, 3 January 2014

The New year. # story 3

       01/ 01/ 14 Jan
It's finally here the New year of 2014 I could not wait to go to the beach and have an amazing time with my family. 

Once arriving in the scorching Okahu bay approximately 2pm in the afternoon. My parents  set up for the night to wait for the fireworks that would explode from the side of Sky city into the dark night. I could not help but notice the deep blue water, where I  played with my cousin Lishana. I had a magical time playing play fights and relaxing on the water, looking at the clear blue sky where the clouds hovered above us. 

It was drawing nearer to the evening and I couldn't figure out what  I was going to do. I was so excited I could not relax , there was so much to do. The first thing I wanted to do was play touch on the soft sand  with my mum, and my cousins Lishana and Kingston. It was a great game my cousins and I had so much fun. After the best game of touch it was finally dinner time. I had a delicious dinner  which was scrumptious chicken and tender stuffing it was yummy.

With the dark sky coming closer I could tell it was time to play with my super nerf ball that glows at night with my amazing glasses, my cousin and I played almost the entire night it was super amazing. It was about 11.54 and all I could hear was "wake up Louis the fireworks are starting" said my Nan "what I can't believe I was asleep". After a while of waiting we got to see the amazing fireworks. I could not believe my eyes there are amazing colors like yellow,red, green, and blue. But hopefully next years fireworks would be a little better.  

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