Monday, 14 July 2014

Ice challenge #2

 I can't believe it my Mum nominated my brother Codee to do the Ice challenge, I knew this was going to be good,and plus my brother's daughter and also my niece Bailey was able to see her dad scream. Hopefully Codee would not rethink about doing this challenge after all it would give you brain freeze.

Trying not to think about this my Brother slowly crept to the chair where the fatal Ice challenge was about to take part. My Mum stood excitedly behind the camera filming every moment of this. Anxiously my brother took a breath and finally he introduced him self,and then he nominated five nominees. Then once he had finished that he slowly sat in the chair.

"Hard and fast" Codee said, obviously we weren't going to do that my Dad and I were going to do it nice and slow. 'WHAT" my brother didn't scream wow maybe he is strong.

So after all my brother is a man I can't believe it. But he done it for a good cause which is to raise money for the cancer society. And anyone who red my last post I couldn't put my Mum and my Brother's video on sorry but hopefully I could post some more stories on my blog.  

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