Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Ice challenge

Some people might give money to charities, but you never know there's always a better way and a funnier way to fundraise money its called the Ice challenge, the Ice challenge helps fundraise money to the charity of cancer, the Ice challenge is when a person nominates a family member or a friend to do the challenge, and what they do is they put there feet in cold water filled with ice, then they introduce them self  and say who nominated them and then nominate five others2, and last but not least once you are ready you get tip over the head with cold icy water. Once you have accomplished that there is a task where you have to drink some sort of liquid like juice,fizzy,or alcohol.

"YESSS" I exclaimed with excitement my Mum and Dad had been nominated by my Aunty and Uncle. I don't mean  to be mean but my Mum's video is the worst I've actually seen if you haven't seen the video I may be able to post it on my blog in my next post. Anyway back to the story my Mum was screaming like there was no tomorrow. I am sorry to all the neighbours that had to hear my Mum scream, but my Dad made it look easy.

Overall I think this challenge was made for a good cause, And plus my Mum nominated my Brother and trust me he will scream like a little girl which way worse than my Mum's video. Sorry everyone knows my Dad and I would love to show you all his video except there is two problem's the first one is it's not funny becaus e he is not screaming and the second one is the in appropriate language.

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