Monday, 7 July 2014

My little adventure.

As the sun shone through the clouds rain slowly trickled down my face. And the deep blue sea rolled around like a snake slithering through the grass. I stood in front of my aunties old cottage, and by that old cottage was  a mountain that dominated (overlooked)  any other mountains in the valley. I had always wished I could climb that mountain. But my cranky aunt declares that I do not go she says there are things I cannot handle. But c'mon I am 11 so technically I am a teenager.

"HEY SOY GET INSIDE YOUR GOING TO GET A COLD" roared my cranky aunt, I don't know why but she always got my name wrong even though it's Troy she always forgets the first letter so she replace's it with different letters of the alphabet and the most common one is Soy, is it from soy milk I don't know I guess it a mystery that I will never find out. The water dropped of my head and into my shoes, I knew I was going to get in trouble. I crept inside hoping no one heard the squeaking of my shoes, but in the distance  I heard sobbing it was like the sound of a whale that had beached itself. I slowly pushed the door opened but no one was there just a fire that burnt furiously. I searched the room but the crying slowly faded until you couldn't hear it, curios I followed my instinct and went back outside. The sobbing grew louder,and louder,and louder, and louder until my ears could not take it anymore.

Could it be the sound was coming from the top of the mountain. This was my one chance to get to the mountain with an excuse if I got caught." I was thinking I should start my adventure now but it was to late and to dark. BUR BUR BUR BUR BUR BURRRRR " What I'm up" I was drowsy and dizzy, I wonder if what happened yesterday was a dream? most probably not. I had quickly got changed and began my adventure. I kept positive and repeated in my head myself that I am almost there, and actually I was almost there. A COUPLE OF HOURS LATER "I am here" "I finally did it"  I ran to the bottom of the hill and started to climb. WILL I MAKE IT TO THE TOP NO KNOWS MY FATE.....TO BE CONTINUED.....................


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