Thursday, 29 May 2014

The theory of sinking on the Titanic

On the Titanic's maiden voyage the side of the Titanic had brutally been damaged by a iceberg. One of the reasons that the Titanic sunk is because the compartments at the bottom of the ship were not sealed right to the top. So when one compartment was full of water the water would overflow and go into the other compartment. So when all the compartment's got full of water the water will flow up to the top of the Titanic. What also happened was when the Titanic struck the iceberg the water rose up and overflowed the bow which put more weight on the bow which made the stern rise. But one of reasons the Titanic snapped was because the weight of the pre pallor. Which made the bow go down first and the stern go down second.

I wish I could carry out more information about the Titanic and maybe just maybe I will be able to share it on my blog.

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