Thursday, 15 May 2014

My dreams

On a autumn day in the afternoon a boy named Louis sat by the window sill and imagined what he will be once he is a adult. Then the perfect idea came to mind a NRL player. Sure they get hurt but its all apart of the game at least thats what he thought. As the drew sun drew down to the horizon Louis's eyelids slowly started to close. 

"Hey kid" yelled out a strange voice "what" Louis was astounded he could hear voices but saw nothing. But in a blink of a eye he was on a league field with all time sensation "Steve price" Louis could not believe his eyes "are you are you" "yep Steve price" he replied "are you ready" surprised "ready for what" "the big game" staggered Louis was actually confident he was going to win the game. "Ummm o-o-kay lets g-g-g-g-o" Louis whispered. 

Louis couldn't believe his eyes he was watching is alltime favourite play. "WOW" Louis was staggered he is seeing hid idol getting his runaway."ohhhhhhhhh" the crowd roared as fierce as a lion Stacy jones has been injured. "Hey kid its your time to shine get out there and play to the best of your ability" said the coach "you sound like my father" said Louis. As Stacy jones limped off Louis sprinted on a could not wait to get this underway. TO BE CONTINUED......


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