Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Whanau touch

Glistening over the amazing water the sun was starting to rise and I was getting ready to play a game of intense touch with my family in Orakei or Okahu bay.

You might have thought this was an this is an ordinary game of touch but beware this is no ordinary game this is a family touch tournament. Family touch is a game of touch but with different families from the same marae. People competed in this tournament to get the number 1 place in the finals.

I was jumping around with excitement for our first game. Unfortunately I couldn’t believe my eyes our first game was  against the Tumahies. We had tried our best but sadly we lost but on the bright side I did get the ball about ten times so thats a record for me.
So far we had lost three games and we have three to go so far we have a pretty okay result. In our fourth game we had to versed our cousin Moses  I knew this wasn't going to end well.

As the sun was sitting calmly on the horizon the tournament was at its last game for the year. And the for us  result was quite good especially if it was my second year playing. Overall I think we came out winners because we  had played to the best of our ability and thats all that matters. I cannot wait until the intense touch come again.

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