Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Strolling through the the park Boots and his friend Abraham they are going to school . finally  we're here said Abraham  it felt like it was 2000 meters more like 20 seconds .Hey where did all the maroon coloured four legged chairs go  said Boots I have know idea.And and where is everyone gone unless its PARANORMAL ACTIVITY nah.  

Hey did you  read the school notice asked Boots what school notice said Abraham oh that notice nah I couldn't be bothered . so thats where they are there at camp c'mon we gotta go as they.As they came to the field no one was there hey Boots this is OTL what's that supposed to mean only the lonely see know one seems to no how  to tell jokes like you. Thanks bro thats the kindest thing you said to me all day bro. Except the time you picked me up and smelt  my mum and said she smells like a bee. Look I'm obsessed with honey smell . but the smell  dissolves into the air after a couple hours anyway can I borrow that. Lets just get back to the investigation.

What the what`s they approached the tent they  found a boy in it he was freezing cold all he had was a teddy blanket wrapped around him.

Hey what`s this he stole everything oh and figured out why know ones here because its the weekends OHHHHHH but he has know right to steel the chairs what the this is a boy protesting for the land . So the cleaners have the chairs have`nt they yep. Oh man.

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