Monday, 4 March 2013

Louis story about missing things

This is my writing I have written in 40 minutes
strolling through the the park Boots and his friend Abraham  were going to school . finally  we're here said Abraham  it felt like it was 2000 meters more like 20 seconds .Hey where did all the maroon coloured four legged chairs go  said Boots I have know idea.And and where is everyone gone unless its paranormal activity nah.  as they walked home they thought of everything that had disappeared  hey did you  read the school notice asked Boots what school notice said Abraham oh that notice nah I couldn't be bothered . so thats where they are there at camp c'mon we gotta go as they came to the field no one was there hey Boots this is OTL what's that supposed to mean only the lonely ha ha ha.  

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