Monday, 25 August 2014

Newspaper article about the new uniform.

WALT: use the structure of newspaper articles to write my own article.

What’s cool at Pt England school?

Pt England - Louis

The Point England senior school,  are not just cutting edge with their work, they are also leading fashion with their jackets.

The intermediate kids  sport black zipper jackets with a read line that runs across the sleeves which also the school logo embossed on the jacket. But the seniors also have an optional choice which is whether they want to wear a hat.

The seniors  at Pt England school think that there uniform is amazing.  Ms Flavell the clothing administrator says  “It just so that you can distinguish the senior children from everybody else.”

But all this may seem exciting but also expensive. The jackets are expensive they are $55, and some girls may have trouble buying their jackets because  they also pay for there culottes which are $56 and $10 extra dollars for their hats which comes to a total $121 . But on the other hand boys only pay $65 for the jacket and there hats.

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