Thursday, 10 April 2014

Our Fiafia.

As the stars covered the night sky Point England school where preparing for their Fiafia. Fiafia is an amazing night where children from the school get to sign up for a group whether its Hip hop, the tongan routine, the samoan routine, and many many more. 

Yesterday night my group was the amazing Hip hop group. Our tutor was Miss Thompson and also Miss Trimble. Our songs that we dance to was Yeah 3x by Chris brown, Trumpets by Jason Derulo, and last but not least Skrillex New year. My favourite song was obviously New year by the amazing Skrillex.

Butterflies rushed through my stomach once I had walked on to the stage but I knew I had to be confident especially for my family that have supported me. As I was dancing I could not help but notice my brother running down the aisle to put money in a box for the school. And that meant my family enjoyed it.

At the end of the night I was tired like all the energy had been drained out of me. I would really enjoy doing hip hop again especially after that performance. I really enjoyed this years Fiafia maybe next year it will be even better.


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