Monday, 24 March 2014

My friends.

Friends what are they for? what do they do? how does friendship work? Well know need to worry I am going to explain to you what friendship is, and about and what friends do.

The first step to being a great friend should be when you are at need they could always help. And they should always be able to count on you when they are in need to. I would predict if people (adults or kids) were being rude would you go over there and help them or would you follow in the footsteps of a bully? If I had a  list in my mind for every friend I meet I would have to check are they trustworthy, kind, respectful, charismatic, helpful, and last but not least a great sense of humor.

My next step about friendship is  being helpful and kind, helpfulness could always improve your life and friendship it sort of like the rules of Waitangi like the three Ps partnership, protection, and participation. Friendship is like rules you need to be a great friend to one another.

My final step to being a great friend is always belive in your friend and encourage them when they're playing sport, and you must always have hope because what if a person was struggling would you have hope and faith in them ? Your friends should be able to rely on you no matter what when they're struggling, maybe they need encouragement anything they should be able rely on you no matter what. It is like Tiaki taonga which is also caring. So remember believe in you friends, be kind, and last but not least be trustworthy.


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  1. Hello Louis,
    My name is T’Keyan Peoples and I am in EDM 510 class at the University of South Alabama. You have listed great characteristics to what it means to be a good friend. I agree that trust is the main ingredient into having a great friendship. Realize that in friendships you will have ups and downs however, what really matters is the love, respect and trust that made your friendship last.