Thursday, 24 October 2013

The farmer`s son

Once on a scorching hot day in Texas a farmer named Mike Mc Diddle he was engaged to Mary Mc Diddle. They were about to be married so they decided to give the farm to her  son. “Oh my gosh honey were getting married I can't wait’. Travelling in their 1986 ford, and also left a note.

As there son arrived he read the note because it was their sons birthday. “They just have leave when it`s my when its my birthday what a happy happy birthday after all”. Doing all the duties like shedding the sheep and planting crops. “Finally the last duty milking the cows”. But suddenly on the corner of the he saw a an old man milking  the cows.”Hey do I know you”. it broke silence and he said “maybe maybe not” “what's that suppose to mean” “don’t you remember me” “ No” said Chris. “This was my farm” said the stranger.       

This is the first draft of my story. It is unedited version.

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